Dreamcatcher Series, 2015

Til Ft. Paul Dateh – DANakaDAN, 2015

APA Heritage Month 2015: What Legacy Will You Leave?, 2015

Starz Contest Entry, 2014


You Must Be Hungry, November 2012
A girl plays with her pet dinosaur made out of Doritos.

Light Memory, Collaboration with Arielle R., November 2011 – Winner of the People’s Choice Award at Zotfest
Our memories are our records for most events, yet these records can be manufactured by many different things (photos, videos, other people). How do we know how accurate it is? Just like light drawing, when the moment is over, all we have left are remnants of the event. So we decided to use these remnants to retell people’s earliest memory.
Music by Aaron Lee (

Dimmie and Libbie, July 2011
Dimmie and Libbie is a cute story about two people awkwardly rubbing, not clicking, into place. It’s a loose story, but their relationship is tight, close, intimate.


Internet Stories

Internet stories is a short animated series of interviews about the internet. When I started this project, I was only interested in people’s stories. In the end, I found myself going through an exploration of the comfort and uncomfortableness we create for ourselves and others through the internet.
Music by Aaron Lee
Sound Design by Bryan Ploof
The below interview is about the comfort and consequences we have with sharing personal information with strangers.

The below interview is about the confusion surrounded around creating online identities for things that can’t even use the internet.


Music Video

Honorable Mention for Dumbfoundead’s “Up in the Air” music video contest, December 2010


Intent for Sokenbicha

2011-Intent asked me to create a series of animations and screensavers for Sokenbicha to promote peace and tranquility. Below are a select few from the series.

Mediation Animation

Sleeping Screensaver, No Sound