It’s Going Sour

This was my final for art class. I had to present today, and was afraid it wasn’t going to go well. I went in with the mindset it was bad. I’m not suppose to think that way, but I think I watched it one too many times during editing. I know the words by heart. So it was predictable to me at a certain point. I guess at that point, it lost it’s magic.

So I tried to make a piece that hit home. I kept it as simple and sweet as I could. No special effects or anything crazy. Just real enough to touch people.

It is a conversation between a couple who’s relationship is starting to go sour. Many may have had the same conversation and the end may provide insight on their own personal life.

The song was played by my friend Joey Luu. It is a combination of Here Comes The Sun by The Beatles, Real Love by John Lennon and How to Deal by Frankie J. He messed up a lot. He was hungry and running on cereal, but he pulled though in the end.

You really have to watch it in full screen to get the full effect. Well thank you for watching.


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