Good Thing I did This Last Year

I have gotten to printing on my shirts now. It took me 25 tries before I got it this clear. It gave me a real big headache. It finally got easy after I tweaked it 25th times.These are going to be the tags for the back of my shirts. You can read it if you like. Hope you like it.
Lucky I wore gloves. I tried doing this last year without them, bad idea. The ink is like oil paint mixed with car oil. Water does no help. If you were to swim in the stuff, then try to wash yourself off, you will end up looking like some swamp monster that scares little girl scouts.
Clean up went by pretty well. I filled up a whole bag during one printing session. Man, I need to take more bags from the grocery store.
This is how my room looks like. I changed it to my room/office space. It’s where I sleep, blog, dry, package and other business things that I may not be aware of yet. Those shirts on the ground are my practice shirts. Don’t worry. I don’t put the good ones on the ground. I couldn’t. Each one is like my baby.

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