One to Remember

I get a few negative comments sometimes. It’s Youtube. It’s life. I keep going though and each time, it gets easier and easier to keep going. By far, I think this is the best comment I got. It was to my “A Rainbow to the Face” video.

“omg i loved Fruit Stripe as a kid!! 😀 haha i just liked it cuz of the colorsss and I always called it Zebra Gum =] and you totally inspired me to start drawing more of i guess…emotions, rather than acting out my anger and frustrations 😀 thanks! great vid! nice painting, very abstract looking!”

Yes. I didn’t expect much from that piece. I just jumped in and did it. Then I was beating myself up afterwards because I didn’t like it. I guess I just have to start trusting in my gut. It feels good to know I’m starting to inspire people. It makes everything worth it. It really does. For that person, Thank you. I would give out the identity, but I’m not sure if I should.

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