More Sneaks.

I don’t consider myself good at photography, but I thought I give it a shot. Here’s my cousin Binly helping me out. He wanted to cover his face though, which is fine. He used one of my paintings for the job. Well, it’s his painting now because I sold it to him. Hopefully, it will be worth more and he could sell it when times get rough. I’m hoping that happens to all the people who buy my stuff. My art actually helps someone.
Back to the whole covering the face up, it reminded me of this. This was when school was in session and I believe it was late at night during final’s week. We probably hit our limits on studying. Here’s Joey, the guy who plays the background music in most of my videos and the one I turn to when I need help in anything guitar. That patch I made reminds me of a Batman mask.
I think I might make a bigger one. So then all my models can wear one. It can be a mrtigerrr thing. Someone’s probably done it already though with the billions of people in the world. Oh well. Here’s Emily. Again, good luck in New York.
Now fast foward to the shirt, I put this on the lower right side. So now people can check out your butt and say they are reading it as an excuse.

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