It’s that time of the year. Welcome week. I would usually be walking around checking out the different clubs, but this time was different. DIY made our first ever appearance. =]

We rolled out our quilt for an impromptu table cover. Here’s my little section. =] The idea is that new members make a square. We sew that square in. Next year, we pass it down and the pattern continues until it’s GIGANTIC! Good idea right?
ML even brought out the candy because people like free candy. =]
Shoutout to the lovely folks boothing for Catalyst Gallery. They made me out of Play-doh. =]
This is our simplest set-up ever. However, clubs were out there in the hundreds. We needed something eye-catching and that is what Antonio is for. =] Have you seen my video of him? He went from getting in trouble to DIY’s new spokesperson. =]
See. It’s working. This is my friend Leo. =] We lived in the same dorm freshmen year. Now he is singing for Circle of Fifths and I’m president of DIY. =]
Look. It’s working again. =] This is Corinne. She is on board for Catalyst Gallery. I met her in my drawing class first year before I knew how to do anything artsy. We were pretty good friends before either of us got involved in anything. Now DIY is going to partner up with Catalyst to put on a little something later on. =] Collaborations are awesome.
Besides Antonio getting attention, DIY’s little cheering squad definitely helped. =] They did awesome.
Especially ML. She was her own little cheering section. She literally yelled and people came to the booth.
Did I mention the bookstore was giving away free otter pops?
Yum. See the girl with the red Otter Pop? That’s DIY’s historian, Hannah. She agrees free Otter Pops are good too. =]
It’s DIY’s second year now. I helped start it last year with just two other people. By the end of the year, we had about 15 loyal members. Now we’re back for our second year. After our day boothing, we were able to get 8 pages of e-mails. THAT’S 181 PEOPLE INTERESTED! I was overwhelmed.
Still going strong,

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