1st Music Video by the End of the Year

It went by pretty well, even though I didn’t plan much of it. It was my first music video and by now, I feel comfortable with just going into a project blind. It was all of ours first music video, if you couldn’t tell. I think I did a pretty good job hiding our noob-ness with the editing. Hehe. Of course, there are things I can add and improve, but there are times when you have to know when to stop and let go.

I find our growth as musicians, artist, and as people the most interesting part of this whole adventure. Roger (Roger Dat), the first person rapping, is my cousin, so we grew up together. I met FortyDeuce, third person rapping, since I was going into middle school. This was back when he was just David. It’s odd how we’ve known each other before we even had our monikers (remember mine is mrtigerrr =]). We were all dabbling in our respective fields around the same time (middle school). Barely getting our feet wet with some DIY equipment. I remember recording a song with Roger on my mp3 player and putting tracks up on Myspace. I wouldn’t dare show anyone those songs now, but I think it has been misplaced anyways. I doubt most people will be able to see our growth unless they have been following us, but putting taste, opinions, and lifestyles aside, I’m pretty proud with how this little project ended up.

I realize it’s not the usual work I would put out, but we can only grow as far as we are willing to get out our comfort zone. It’s a good way to end 2011.


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