Where I’ve been

It’s about time to get working on my clothing line now. I wasn’t sure where to start so I decided to go from the beginning. I went through my old sketchbooks to see where I was so I at least can see where I should be going. Here is a peek into some of my old designs. They are at least a year old. I doubt I will follow through with these ones, but they do have good stories.
This one is from my “Hello my name is Tiger” line. Why is it name that? I had this idea. It all started back in high school. I was nominated to run for prom king and needed to make some type of promotion thing. I decided to make name tags. It had the usual Hello my name is part. I just added Tiger. So what happen was everyone who supported me had a Hello my name is Tiger tag on them. The ones who didn’t know me became confused. Who’s Tiger? Guys had it on. Girls did too. I even had one of the teachers. haha. Here is the idea. I figure I was just like everyone else. Everyone is Tiger. So voting for me would be voting for someone else with one of my name tags on. So I carried that idea from name tags to shirts.
So to this design. I wasn’t sure what I was thinking on this one. All I could remember is the guy is giving a hug.
This one I actually printed. It’s from my “Hello my name is Tiger” line. I got the supplies from my friend Mike. I still have this shirt hanging in my closet. It was my first shirt so I thought it was only right I kept it. I only made a few of these. I think this is the one where I started to generate some “buzz” within school. Then I went to college and couldn’t find the time to make shirts anymore.
These are before the “Hello my name is Tiger” line. They are from my Moowee line. I never printed anything. I just got with some friends and decided to make some shirts. It didn’t work out so well, but it’s okay. I definitely learned a lot. During this phase, I learned how to “let go” of reality. Nothing really made any sense. It was more about looks than meaning.

I been through a few clothing lines thus far. The most recent was Greysyn. I got much farther in Greysyn than I did with any other ones. Too bad it didn’t last. I learned what I could from that part of my life and applied it to my new venture. I been through enough lines to realize what I really want now. This time seems much more promising. Much more organized, and much more thought out. I’m working on a few designs, which I should post in a couple of days. Until then, I would like to thank whoever read this far. I know it was a lot. So thank you and have a very nice day.


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