I’ll Blow You Away With a Shot…from a Camera

I know what you are thinking. Whoa, nice pictures. Yea I know. I try to take nice pictures too, but my digital camera just doesn’t cut it.
So lately, I been taking photos with flash just to kill the picture and give it a “I don’t know what I’m doing, but I think I do, vintage” feel to it. Hopefully, I been getting that across and didn’t look like I was getting lazy.

Anywho, these photos don’t seem to have that kind of feel. They are from my friend Brenda. She’s a pretty good photographer. I just took a few pictures from her page to post up. She has dogs and people and fishes and pokemon backpacks up too. Well help her out a bit and check out her page. She’s an artist too and like other artist I know, well on the internet, she has a blog that shows her work. Like other artist too, I’m sure she hopes someone is reading all the stuff that is posted. Otherwise, it would be like she is talking to herself.

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