Another Day of Work

Even though I haven’t reached my 50 shirt mark yet, I ran out of stock with the shirts I do have. So it was another trip down to the friendly neighborhood discount mall for more shirts. I buy as much as I can everytime and everytime, I seem to be getting more and more. So things are looking kind of good. However, it was surprisely close this whole week. What the heck!
No problem though. I found this other store down the street. I plan on ordering better quality shirts and upgrading everything as time goes, but for now, I have to work my way up. So that means, making trips to the store, printing myself, and selling myself. Anyways, I went to check out this fabric store afterwards. It said 50% off. Why not?
This one has a lot of hair but as you can see, it has bald spots.
I liked this one because it looked like a panic table.
This makes your clevage bigger. Something like that. I read it on the paper.
Clever, clever.
I like this pattern. I think I might use it.
After the long day driving, it was a stop at Jamba Juice. I finally ordered a white gummy bear. I was a little hesitant at first, but they really do make it. It taste like Flintstone tablets. So if you like those, you will love this.

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