Call me Mr. Postman

It is delivery day today. My frist trip was to my friend Johnny’s house. He doesn’t live that far, but I got lost. Hey, it was the first time I came over and like every other Asian house, I was asked a bunch of questions that I just couldn’t understand. What is his name? Are you hungry? So on. I’m getting kind of use to it now. Just walk in, shake hands, say bye, repeat. That’s the secret to getting on a parent’s good side.

Well he had four beds in one room. Talk about crazy. It was a little wierd, but my house use to look like that too. haha
It really was like going back in time. He was playing “Combat Arms”. Basically, it’s one of those games where you shoot other people online. I remember my cousins were all into this.
I thought I try once. I was killed 5 times before I realized I should just stop. Before that though, out of pure luck, I killed his brother with a headshot. The only thing I knew was to shoot at the people with red names.
His brother was playing right behind me. haha
He is really good at that game. See that squirrel with the nuts. That means “nutshot”. haha
Next was a trip over to my friend Sarah’s house. There are plants all over the place. That’s how you know an Asian person lives there.
She even took her little packaging bag to work. Hopefully, I did a decent job with the sewing that it last. I hope she didn’t leave it in the car when I left though.
If you didn’t know, Sarah is John Nguyen’s sister. He is the guy who I did the MJ tribute with. Here is a look into his room. These aren’t by him. I believe they are from his friend. Nevertheless, they are pretty good.

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