Paying Dues

My screen are kind of beat up now. I’m working them overtime that’s for sure. As you can see, the teal ink didn’t want to come off. I think it’s on strike because I work it so hard.

In case someone was wondering, here is my set up. Nothing fancy. Just enough to get things done. I know it’s ghetto, but it’s the only thing I got. Besides, I don’t consider it that. I consider it being resourceful.

See, I had to improvise and use clamps. Not the best choice, but the screen is suppose to be secure. Clamps make things secure. Genius I tell you. Okay, not really.

I was really surprised how clean I kept it this time around. I mean really surprised, like flabbergasted. It was a little to easy for me to be doing it right. I had to double myself. That is when I messed up. Three times.

I use this rack to hold my stuff. It even has wheels so I can push it around and sell shirts like the ice cream man. This gave me an idea though. I was thinking about a vending machine that sells shirts. Yes? I remember seeing a vending machine that sold Ipods so why not?

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