Everytime the summer comes around, there are so many birthdays. Well for my little cousins anyways. This time was a little bit different. It was a surprise party for my little cousin whose age I don’t know. As I wait, my other cousin Sam let’s me play Starcraft II. Yes. He got it the first day it came out. I remember everyone going crazy when they got it. Ahhhhh how I love happy people. =]

The day kind of dragged on because we all had to wait. No worries. I was getting some personal drum lessions. =]

I had to run errands as well. Of course. Here’s umm, Loco? My other cousin Lisa gave this to me to paint on for her. It’s the creepiest thing I have in my room at the moment. Especially when I woke up to see it the first day, oh man.

Other than that, I took pictures of everything and anyone who asked me to take a picture of them. Oh well. I guess when you ask for a picture, remember not to blink. =]

And the moment we all been waiting for. She had a shocked face on for at least 30 seconds. It was so cool! =]
Still going strong,

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