OC Fair

OC fair anyone? I always hear it on the radio and now I finally got the chance to go. I didn’t know what to expect really. I don’t go to fairs or carnival type things. I don’t find the rides worth it and the games are always rigged. This was the first thing at the entrance. I actually went to this last. I knew it was going to smell though.

I forgot what this is, but I like it’s little legs. I wanted a dog with little legs until I realize they poop and pee everywhere. The same goes for this thing.
Keeping in mind that petting the animals is not the cleanest thing to do, I decided not to touch anything. This photo makes it look like I did right? I never seen a cow up close before.
Well there are some weird takes a lot of different things. I learned about his sculpture in art class. I think I learned about it anyways. There are so many of these nude body sculptures we have to memorize that they end up looking the same.
Here’s another piece, but it’s made out of butter. I don’t understand what would compel him to do so.
This ride is called Speed. It’s one of the two rides I went on that day. If it’s one ride in the whole place worth riding, it’s this one. My girlfriend went to the line and I went “I guess I can die now.” Now I’m alive and quite happy about that.
Still going strong,

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