Today I got a message from a friend about one of my videos. It goes as follows. Excuse the grammar.


hey tiger iwas watching one of ur videos n while u were tlking my son came to the computer n was tlking to u.. it was cute he was having a convo wit u. just thought i would tell u



That’s cute

How old is he?


i thought i was funny couldnt stop laughing. he is 2. he is my oldest

he stopped watching spongebob to tlk to u. n he dnt stop watching him for any1





That makes me feel good.

She was referring to all my old videos. She was going through them for fun. It’s nice that my old videos still get views. My old videos have me talking and I’m still a little self-conscious about my voice. I’m just self-conscious really, but to my voice, I been more accepting of it after I kept hearing it in videos. Before that, I never really heard my voice before. Have you heard your own voice for the first time? It’s so weird! It’s okay though. It just makes me be more distinctive and have my own identity.I just find it funny how my little kid voice makes little kids stop watching Spongebob to talk to me. =]

Still going strong,

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