Patchwork at OC Foodie Fest

OC Foodie Fest was yesterday. I came home with a big headache and woke up with a bigger headache. Plus, I’m sore now. I was moving around a lot. I like to keep myself busy. Here is my side of the booth. I remember when I couldn’t fill up a table, but now I can barely fill it up.

Here’s Belinda‘s side. Her side always looks good. I feel like one day, her aesthetic is going to rub off on me some more and our two sides will just blend together.
I decided to bring out some of my old stuff. It was all sitting in a box in my room. I even revamped my sign.
I brought out some even older stuff too. Here’s a snapshot of my vintage collection. That’s my favorite jacket out of all of them.
I took a look at the map and they spelled my name wrong. Lame. It’s mrtigerrr. All lowercase, no period, no spaces, and three R’s.
As 11AM rolled along, the lines were starting to fill. If you look close enough, you can see all the people waiting at the fence. That’s the VIP line.
Here’s the regular line. The event sold out beforehand online.
Luckily for me, I could take a stroll around before the crowd came in. I don’t know what this truck sold, but it makes me laugh. It even has rims.
I tried to get some food from these guys before the event even started, but they weren’t open til 11:30. I came back at 11:30 and I was the 4rd customer of the day. =] I have a thing for places with simple names.
I got the garlic butter shrimp, which had a lot of garlic. I like garlic, and butter, and shrimp, so I didn’t mind. The only thing to really take pictures of was the food. That’s what OC Foodie Fest is all about.
And when the event finally started, you can see all the lines pile up. Here is the Nom Nom truck. The line was long, but I heard it was worth it.
Well back to the crafts. Here’s from my neighboring booth, Clover Threads. When I came back from walking, I noticed they were both at my booth, so Belinda and I decided to go to their booth. =] These shoes are cool.
It was smart to beat the lines and get food early. This guy was yelling fresh coconut water the whole time I was in line for some pulled pork sliders.
Here’s a precious moment. I tried to capture some family’s moment. Haha. See the Beer & Wine Garden? My booth was near the entrance. Too bad no one came out drunk and bought all my stuff. Oh well.
I spy a baby’s face.
To my surprise, I heard my name yelled out. I thought I was hearing things. Nope, I actually got to see some familiar faces. They helped make the day better. I thought I wasn’t going to see anyone I knew. I figured most of my friend didn’t buy tickets online. These three were smart enough to buy their tickets early. =] They’re the ones who told me about this Nom Nom truck. They even got the founder’s autograph.
I believe her name is Ashley. I’m terrible with names. Really though, I am. When I do remember someone’s name, they usually stay around enough to have an actual conversation with. She didn’t buy anything, but it’s fine. She took my card and that’s perfectly satisfying enough. =]
I like these two as well. I didn’t meet them until that day, but I could talk to them like I knew them. I talked to them once and another time after they came back. =] The guy is Justin and the girl is Simone. The girl likes my creepy charming aesthetic, which is awesome. The guy has the same camera as me, which is just as awesome. =]
This is Chantal DeFelice. I started talking to her because her art caught my eye. I really like the details she puts into it. It’s like my work. The wavering line and the solitude of each is nice. She was stuck at her booth all day because she had no one to help. Hopefully, you’ll see her more on this blog from other shows.
I speak about all these connections I make in person, but sometimes the connection is made through my tags. I put a lot of effort into each one. They’re all as personal as can be. This lady read the tag and laughed. She left and came back to show that guy. She couldn’t help it anymore and just had to get it. =] I feel like she can really appreciate that doll.
Anytime I sell anything, it’s usually because people take the time to read the commentary I put on it. I don’t really have the when people see something and say “Wow, I need to get that” moment. I get the browsing, decides something is interesting, reads the tag, and goes “I have to get it” moment. =] It’s a longer process. This is the only yellow one I ever printed. The little note on the back sold it for her. She was even going to wear it right afterwards. =] In that sense, the people who buy my stuff understand a little something about me.
Since I include lots of text, I always see people standing there and reading things. I find it awkward because I stand there silently. I don’t want to disturb. That table had a mix of Belinda’s stuff and my stuff, so it was filled with silent reading and that’s so cute comments.
This girl was walking around and taking snapshots of our whole booth. The event was filled with fancy cameras. I didn’t mind if people take pictures of my stuff. I take pictures of everything so it’s all good. I actually liked how she came back and showed a friend everything. It always nice to see people come back.
At the end of the day, the dance crews took to stage. I stayed long enough to see Team Millennium and left before I could see Beat Freaks. I was busy packing up my stuff.
And here it is. The end of the day. It kind of looked like the beginning of the day as well. I got there at 8:30AM. Left my house at 7:30AM and got back home around 8PM. Long day.
Goodbye parking lot of the Honda Center. Hopefully I’ll see you again.
Of course, I had to take some free stuff home. Drinks were selling at $3 and at the end of the day, they were free. I had to grab some. I’m not trying to promote the the brand. The drinks are okay. I’m just saying I like free stuff.
I’ll promote Soap Tart though. They were the other neighboring booth. She gave Belinda and I a bar of soap. Afterwards, I told her I’ll give you one of my wallets because I know you liked it.” She responded back with “If you do that, I’ll give you a box of soap then.” Haha. I love trading.
I’ll end it with my box of free stuff from Belinda, By Belinda. She always has stuff lying around she doesn’t want. She ends up giving it all to me. I usually take a few things here and there and give the rest to my club. I know it gets use there. Thank you Belinda. I feel like I know someone who is going to get crazy successful. =]
Still going strong,

One response to “Patchwork at OC Foodie Fest

  1. That really stinks that they misspelled your name. Your name is so classic to me now that i actual cringed when I saw they put capitals and a period in it :\It seems like the rest of the day was really fun though! Keep working hard tiger, you're getting there 😀

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