No Days Off

Hello. This is my first day off. Finals are over. =] I know it’s been quite some time so I visited this blog. I been posting on my new blog — OVENcubes. I started it for class and it pretty much takes attention away from this one. However! I can’t talk about my life like I can on this one. Here’s how my life has been. =]

I’m not a staff photographer like I wanted to be. I couldn’t find the time to invest in it. However! I’m technically still a photo intern and this is the first photo of mine published in the school paper. =]

I found a new use for my blinds. I use it to dry my clothes. I miss making clothes. I’m going to have to take a trip back to it when I can.

I haven’t been making clothes, but I did make a backpack. What?! Yep. This is the first one I ever made. Do you remember me talking about starting an accessory line? Well I’m getting closer.

Other than that, I been busy this whole time making and directing videos. That’s me directing the final project for my video production class. =] I made a little short, called Paper Planes, about a girl who likes to throw airplanes as a way to let her feelings go. The video is on the OVENcubes page. As a matter of fact, all the videos that I worked on this quarter has been on there. Before I forget, the photo below is by Nikki Jee. She’s the photo editor for the school paper.

See, I been doing things. Don’t lose faith in me. =]
P.S. My camera is being fixed right now, so I can’t post any pictures until it gets back. =[
Still going strong (It’s been a while since I said that),

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