Knitting with UFOs

It’s the first meeting of DIY this quarter. We learned how to knit again and I like to say it was a good turnout. =]

Really though, see for yourself. =]
She impressed me. Look at what she made. It’s crazy prefect!

Here’s my friend Mary. She saw my bell I tied to my dolly. It rings when I walk. She said I’m like a little kid. If you know me, you would know it’s true. It really is.

Here’s partners-in-crime Monster L and Santosh. I had a paparazzi session with our historian Hannah. We were talking about turning around as fast as possible to snap a photo of them. We did, but Santosh was already smiling. How is that possible?!
Don’t mind all the things on his face. I wasn’t being mean. It just happened when I was constantly redrawing my logo and adding it. It’s pretty much a record of my thought process. By the way, do you like the logo? It’s a UFO. I’m just having some fun now and putting them anywhere I like.
Still going strong,

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