First Backpack Up For Sale

Whenever this awesome backpack actually gets sold, I will give away the next one I make for free. No lie.

Etsy Store:

This is a one of a kind backpack I call Mondrian for its colors. I gave it the title of my third backpack ever made. The color combination is awesome and the backpack itself is awesome on your back.

I made my first backpack as a response to the lack of creatively bold options available. With my developing crafty, vintage, urban, grandma way of doing things, I’ve created a “personality” in which will happily carry your belongings while giving you a distinct identity even when we can’t see your face.

I left the inside “raw” because it really shows evidence of the human hand and it’s even better to know the hands that made this cares and loves the stuff he is making. Each part of this backpack is infused with my distinctively loud but quiet personality, aesthetic, and quality.
Welcome to the cool intersection I’ve created for myself.
It starts now.


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