Time to Start Doing

There are times when you have to stop dreaming and start doing. In this case, it was start doing again.

Thanks to my friend Allison, creator of State of the Art, for stopping by and helping me out. I work with different people all the time and by the end, I always feel emotionally attached to each one. This was no different.

Well we made a bunch of posters for the mrtigerrr brand. Each one is different and I’m very proud of each one.

It was the third time I ever stenciled. It was quite fun playing around, but I would definitely wear a gas mask next time. You can feel it in your lungs afterwards.

Did I mention some glow in the dark?

The second time I stenciled was when I was making these little men. I remember my friend Michael walked by and said something along of the lines of “You really enjoy your life huh?” Yep. I go with my gut with a lot of things. It just makes sense to me. I guess people notice.

The first time I stenciled was two years ago for my “Lost Quality Time” poster I made for class. This is the only copy I have left. I gave the rest away.

Well I will put these posters up when I have some more stuff, which has to be soon because I’m vending at Patchwork November 6th!!! It’s a juried show, so you have to get accepted. I’ll be there sharing a booth with Kujo. Come visit. I will be very happy. =]

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