First Time on Set

The past two days, I had the opportunity to help out on this film “Little Tokyo Reporter” as a PA and an extra. It was my first time working on a film besides my own and I was one of the youngest ones on the crew. It was a little rough those days considering I had to rush to LA from Irvine right after class and became completely too exhausted to study for my test the next day. My Spanish teacher asked me how much I studied before the test and I said “Nada” because I was working on the diario. He didn’t have the most hopeful face, but I did surprisingly well on it.

Silly me, I approached this as if it was class with two pens and a little notebook. Little did I know I wouldn’t have time to pull out either. First thing that happened when I came on set, I was given a walkie, a headset, and a off the top verbal list of the lingo they use. Sometimes you just need to hit the ground running or at least slow down and take note of what everyone else is doing.

Nevertheless, I sure learned more these past two days than I have in all my video classes. It’s definitely the real thing and quite possibly one of the more fast, well-worked organizations I ever experienced. I soaked up as much as I could and couldn’t feel more down-to-earth and humble.

Life is the best teacher.

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