Patchwork, Long Beach

Patchwork Long Beach is now over. This time, I partnered up with my friends Kujo. I was in the same class with Jessica for an entire year. Now she is off in the world in a job most people would love to be doing.

My side. I brought this painting out to get people’s attention. I remember I was trying to sell it, but I shown it at so many places that I just can’t let it go anymore.
Kujo’s side. Very clean.
I didn’t vend with ByBelinda as I usually do, but she was still there. =]
She walked by and went, “Hey do you remember this?” to one of her friends. Come to find out, she’s a repeat customer from over a year ago. What?! I had to take a picture with her.
I feel old now, or at least experienced. I started vending my 2nd year of college and now I’m on my last one. I don’t get the nervous feeling I use to get. Makes me wonder if that means I’m ready for the next step after this. Who knows what that is?
Well I have about five videos in progress. One for each of my three classes. Even one for my Spanish class. Haha. Two videos are my own independent projects. Keep posted for that. =]
Oh, did I mention I was able to get a film editor internship with Team Millennia? What?!?!
Coming around full circle,

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