Planting My Stake

Each person has something valuable to say and I was surprised by how each person was willing to share with us and with you their perspective.

I remember coming across the fifty people one question project a while ago and wanted to capture the voices near me afterwards. Luckily, there wasn’t one for Orange, let alone Orange County. With only four people, we made this and I’m very happy we did. I wish I could’ve asked more questions to really get to know them, but I’m fine with giving them five minutes of thought provoking thinking.

I remember telling my girlfriend about the project so we decided to go out and do it one night. Unfortunately, I suppose we couldn’t get the nerve to ask anyone and face rejection. I really wanted to get it done though, so the next day, I asked my cousin to join the project and we went for a second try at the OC Zoo. Sometimes it helps to not think so much and we definitely fell into a groove.

Aaron Lee got the music right on the first try. The editing was done faster than I thought. Everything just fell into place nicely.

One out of five video projects completed!

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