Going Against Expectation

Today I had one of my proudest moments.

It was during the performance art show, Common Capability. There was a piece where a girl stood with a blind-fold while a video was projected on her. One on each side. Both videos show herself being fixed up. The audio was of different voices talking about how they aren’t the stereotype. I’m not a ______. While that was played, people would go up and place labels on her with terms like hipster, straight, etc.

I seen this topic addressed before so it wasn’t new. The idea that we have labels placed on us. However, this was the first time I started to understand the people behind it. I understood that this affected them enough to stand in front of everyone, perform it, and take credit for it.

It didn’t make sense to me listen to the video, yet see people continuing to place these labels on her. They were just following what others were doing.

There was a long pause where people finished going up. My heart was actually racing. I just had to do it. I stood up in front of everyone, walked to her, looked at her, and went against expectation to pull off a label.

By the time I sat down, the piece was over. I usually don’t do this – interrupt pieces from how they are suppose to be, but sometimes it just has to be done.

My thoughts on art changes all the time. I think it can help shed a little light on some perspectives, and that can help change how people view the world. It’s not all bad.


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