Light Memory

My partner Ariel and I spent two nights drawing this. The first night was just us trying to figure everything out and the second night, we had to get 600 pictures. O.O It even rained a bit and we had to wait for the fog to pass through at times. There was actually a lot to work through, but it was one of funner things I’ve ever done. I would recommend doing it.

I remember we changed our idea plenty of times. We were both interested in connecting people. The idea of you influencing someone else without knowing it, so we just went with that.

The beginning of collaborations are always hard. It’s that part where we have to find some common ground to build upon. It’s also one of the best parts because you start to learn each other. Not only that, but I got to learn a little bit about my friends in the process of making this video.
All I really wanted to do was make a lot of something and have fun. I stop trying to think too much a while ago. It tends to be distracting. I only think when I need to now and follow my heart the rest of the time.
Of course though, we had an idea to back up our piece.
“Our memories are our records for most events, yet these records can be manufactured by many different things (photos, videos, other people). How do we know how accurate it is? Just like light drawing, when the moment is over, all we have left are remnants of the event. So we decided to use these remnants to retell people’s earliest memory.”
I like my life as a creative.

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