Thanks a Millennia

Today, I gave my two weeks notice for my internship.

I thought long and hard about it and realized I couldn’t find what I needed. I remember applying for it and wanting it more than anything in the world. Working on a team that was filled with passionate creatives I could just vibe with and be inspired from and maybe take my work to places it hasn’t gone. Awesome right?

Instead, what I was confronted by was an environment where I would only confirm the thoughts I was too scared too realize. The thought that I was really meant to pursue something that is bigger than me, something that I can barely even imagine.

I thrive for personal growth and overcoming challenges and when I can’t have either, I tend to be really sad or I move on.

Well here’s to you TM.

I’m sad that I’m leaving, but as one creative to another, you know what I mean when I say I’m still on my “pursuit of happyness”.

Thanks a millennia for everything. I really mean it.

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