Do Over Think

Sometimes, it’s the start that can really slow or stop a project from happening. My friend mentioned making a video with me a couple of weeks ago. He just needed to figure out a song. I realized that if this was ever going to happen, it just needs to happen. I texted him about doing it. I have a guitar, so he just came over and we went around playing and recording. I didn’t have a capo though, which explains the DIY one in the video.

We didn’t think too hard about it. I’m glad we didn’t. Those things tend to take the spontaneous fun out of it. Plus, I really got to see both of our growths since the last time we worked together. This was just us, on the spot sort, of messing around, but not really. I like having fun and not taking work/life too seriously.

My motto now, and has been lately, do over think. Double meaning! Don’t think too much about it. Just work, have some fun, and maybe cap it with a jam session about unicorns and In-N-Out. That’s why I pick doing over thinking. At the same time, have a plan and be prepared when you need to.

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