Facebook for Pets

I remember the moment I saw the “Spider Man” from Spirited Away and how it completely changed the way I drew. I’ve been thinking outside of the box since then in hopes of providing that same “ahh” moment by creating my little characters that live in their own world.

I think I’m starting to get the hang of this animating thing. There’s a lot of detailed work in it that I doubt many people would notice, but it helps me sleep better at night. No lie. One of my favorite moments is when the girl is first introduced and she’s watering the carrot in her pocket. Haha. Carrots are good for her non-existence eyes.

Aaron got the music perfectly. He’s really talented and I have no idea how he composes what he does. One day I need to just be around him while he’s doing his thing. People’s processes intrigue me.

I’ve also worked with a new person on this project. His name is Bryan Ploof. Really talented in all things sounds. He’s the one who is responsible for the wonderful sound design.

Here’s my blurb for my project as a whole.

I’ve conducted a series of interviews about the editing of identity on the internet. Because some of these stories are very personal, I’ve animated them to keep the identity safe. Animating on top of public spaces also puts these stories back in real spaces that help emphasize the publicness of where they orginate from, which is the internet. Putting it back online also reinforces its context and the nature of it. 

The internet is an easy way to establish a different identity. We have to preceive people as they present themselves. However, their real self is sometimes not aligned with their internet self. The motives vary and I was surprised by how one thing, the internet, could have so many varied experiences. 

When I started this project, I was only interested in people’s stories. I didn’t want to present my own opinions to the world. I wanted to journey through many perspectives to expand my own understanding and present it to others to expand theirs too. In the end, I found myself going through an exploration of the comfort and uncomfortableness we create for ourselves and others through the internet. I’ve come to the conclusion that identity is manufactured in general. From the way we dress to how we speak, it’s all leads to how we want others to view us. The internet is an extension of that, but it’s much easier online than offline. 

We have to be cautious about what we consciously decide to change, or even present, because our decisions have effects, whether little or big, on other people’s preceptions.”

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