Inspiration is all Around you

This was part of my final last quarter and I liked it so much I decided to spend some more time on it to polish it up.

I would say this is one of my best videos. The story is great, music is awesome, and I seem to have finally found my niche with my style.

I think most people wonder what goes on in my head. I wouldn’t say I see characters everywhere I go. I only see ideas of them when I tune my mind to do so. My process is very vague, as I can’t storyboard exactly what I want. I can, but that would mean I would have to create my own environments. Instead, I go out with a simple goal. Say, I want to make a girl sitting in a treehouse. Find some trees, shoot a couple of them, and later find out what it should exactly look like. By doing so, I allow myself to focus on each step of the process. I don’t have to consider multiple things at once. I just go with it. Of course, things don’t look like how I first imagined it, but I learned to be flexible. I also get to travel and see things I normally wouldn’t look for.

Inspiration is all around you.

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