Everyday Wishing Music Video

Mai-Thi is amazingly talented. I’m sure she will be really successful even if this is just her hobby. We shot it all in 2.5 hours. It really was nothing more than just us walking around and shooting her do her thing. She’s so good! I wish I was that good. I’m just really happy to shoot her first music video to share her gifts with the world. It wasn’t suppose to be all fancy and music video like, but I guess I’m kind of fancy. Haha.

I’m glad I grown enough these last four years to just want my friends to succeed and can care less about me. This is pretty much the last video I’m shooting while I’m still a student. Definitely a great way to cap off all the amazing things happening around me this last week. Got the People’s Choice award at Zotfest, the Outstanding Work award from the Video Studio Film Festival, and shot/edited this video in the span of a week. To think carrying my camera around for fun would lead me to where I am now is quite incredible. It was all a hobby and now it’s all I do.

I wouldn’t be surprised if Mai-Thi ends up the same way. She so good and I can’t get over it!

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