Fruit Stripe

The painting spark hasn’t been hitting me lately. I figure it was because I wasn’t trying to find it. So I decided to just dive in on a project that I been meaning too. This is what happened after my drawing. I draw with pen and it smears all over. I guess it would have smear anyways with pencil. It reminded me of Naruto and that curse mark that gets you all super strong. Hopefully, this somehow gives my painting super powers.
I guess it didn’t though. I wanted to paint this pack of gum. It didn’t turn out so well, but it’s okay. I sparked something else. So I will just draw over this one. I finished painting another one. It should be out tomorrow. Keep an eye out for that. Subject matter is totally different from this, but the style of how this one was going to turn out is pretty much the same. Here is a hint. It has a bunch of bright colors piercing and overlaying each other.

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