Build a Laptop Case Workshop!

Last night was a big one for DIY. We put weeks of planning into this one. We turned old sweatshirts into laptop cases. See for yourself. =] This is actually the sweater that I wanted to use. =]

I really like this print. It’s one of those shirts that you won’t buy normally, but if it’s in a thrift store, you will.
We only have enough supplies for 30 people.
Five minutes into it, we ran out. Whoa.

I helped her sew this one up. Then I helped again. When we were about to wrap up, I helped her again. It’s always nice to see the progress. =]
Here’s one of the more innovative ones. It kept the zipper!!

You can imagine how fun the leftover scraps from the sleeves were.

Really though. That’s your new president to be on the right. I’m happy to pass down the presidency to a good friend. She is playing in the scrap pile like it’s leaves by the way.

We like to have fun. =]
This is our signature shot for every event. =] Camera on camera.
Two people are missing, but here’s a regular photo of the staff. We have a rule where we don’t show our faces. It’s just a tradition. However, rules are meant to be broken sometimes. In this case, it’s to show you who’s responsible for organizing one of the most successful craft event UCI has ever seen.
Couldn’t be more motivated,

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